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Copy Signed Documents to Document Center
Copy Signed Documents to Document Center

Learn how to move a document once signed to the same location your organization stores other signed documents

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I. Advantages of Copying Signed Documents

By default, signed documents are stored in the Signatures tab of the Document Center. These files are visible only to the administrator and the signer.

However, it's possible to copy these files and add them to the Files tab of the Document Center instead. Documents in this location can be visible to all members.

Copying signed documents to the document center makes it possible to share these files with members other than the signees.

II. How to Copy Signed Documents


  • Only admins and signature requestors can copy signed documents to the Document Center

  • Only files signed by all signees can be copied to the Document Center

To copy signed documents to the Document Center:

  1. Click Documents from the main menu panel

  2. Click the Signatures tab

  3. Click the Completed tab

  4. Click More actions next to the title of the desired file

    1. Options drop down

  5. Click Copy to Document Center

    1. Copy Signed Document menu opens

  6. Type desired Title in Title textbox, or keep default title

  7. Select desired Document Center folder from directory, or keep default location of Home

    1. To select sub-folder:

      1. Click > next to parent folder

        • Subfolders are listed beneath this

      2. Click title of desired subfolder

  8. Click Copy

    1. A copy of the document, including signatures, is copied to the location selected during step 7

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