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Custom Data Report
Custom Data Report

Learn how to view and download report on custom data collection

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I. Introduction

The custom data report contains all responses added for each user to custom data fields in their settings, as well as any supporting documents posted to the same area.

Only admins can view the custom data report.

The following details are included in this report:

  • Question

  • Response

  • Expiration date

  • Supporting Document

II. View & Download Custom Data Report

To view the custom data report:

  1. Click People on the main navigation menu

  2. Click Custom Data

  3. Select information to include in report

    1. By default, report generated includes custom data for all users

      1. To generate report which only includes custom data for active users:

        • Click the dropdown next to All users

        • Click Active users

      1. By default, report generated includes responses for all custom data fields

        1. To generate report which only includes responses for active custom data fields:

          • Click the dropdown next to Questions

          • Click Active Questions

  4. Click Run Report

    1. Custom data report including details described in Section I displays

    2. For responses with supporting documents attached, Download button displays in Supporting Documents column

      1. Click to download supporting document

    3. To download full report, click Download CSV

      1. CSV file saved to device

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