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Group Roles and Permissions
Group Roles and Permissions

Learn about the different types of roles within a group and the permissions associated with each role.

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I. Overview of Group Roles

Groups represent the different committees, boards, or teams within the organization. When a user is added to the Boardable account, they can also be assigned to groups. One user can be assigned to multiple groups. Group assignments help facilitate invitations (to meetings, polls, etc.). Exclusion from groups helps limit accessibility (to meetings, polls, documents, etc.). Groups, when named properly, are a great tool to quickly communicate with the appropriate people regarding a specific topic.

Note: changes to a user's role within a group does not change the user's Account Role; refer to Related Articles for more information on adding groups, assigning a user to a group, and Account Roles.

Only Organization Admins (user's with an Account Role of Administrator) can create or delete a group.

The Group Role is initially assigned based on the user's Account Role. User permissions within the group are determined by the user's Group Role. There are three Group Roles:

  1. Group Owner:

    1. Assigned by an Organization Admin when the group is created

    2. A Boardable user with an Account Role of Administrator or Member can be assigned to a group as the Group Owner

  2. Group Admin:

    1. A user is automatically a Group Admin if their Account Role is Administrator; they cannot be downgraded to a Group Member

    2. Users with Account Role of Member or Observer can be Group Admins

  3. Group Member:

    1. A user is automatically a Group Member if their Account Role is Member or Observer

    2. A user can be elevated to Group Admin by a Group Owner or Group Admin within that group

The drawing below gives a visual of the hierarchy, automatic assignments (solid arrow), and optional assignments (dotted arrow).

II. Organization Admins and Groups

Although groups have very specific roles within the group, there are still some permissions that only an Organization Admin can perform. These include:

  • Create a group

  • Delete a group

  • Update the Group Owner

  • Edit / Delete a discussion created by another member of the group

III. Group Owner

The Group Owner is determined by the individual who created the group. The Organization Admin creating the group can assign a user, with an Account Role of Administrator or Member, as a Group Owner.

Only Organization Admins can update the Group Owner after a group is created.

i. Identify Group Owner

The identity of the Group Owner can be viewed in two places:

  1. From the group listing - accessed by clicking on the Groups menu in the left Navigation Panel (not available to Observers)

  2. From the group's Group Page

    1. The Group Owner name is displayed under the top navigation menu

    2. There are a couple of ways to access a group's Group Page

      1. Locate the group on the Home page, under the Organization Message (if one is present), and above the Meetings and Discussions sections.

      2. Click Groups from the main navigation menu on the left, then click on the appropriate group name to open details about that group

ii. Group Owner Permissions

There can only be one Group Owner per group. The Group Owner has the same permissions as the Group Admin with the following difference:

  • Group Owner, even if Account Role is Member, will stay a Group Admin of that specific group

    • Other Group Admins will not have the ability to revoke admin privileges from this user for this group; only Organization Admins can revoke this privilege by naming someone else as the Group Owner

IV. Group Admin Permissions

There can be multiple Group Admins in one group. The Group Admin has the same permissions as the Group Member with the following additions:

  • Meetings

    • Add, edit, and delete meetings - even those created by others

    • Includes creating and editing agenda, meeting minutes, recordings, etc.

  • Polls

    • Add, edit, and delete polls - even those created by others

  • Documents

    • Edit documents created by others

    • Remove any documents

  • Discussions

    • Edit or remove those created by others if involved in the discussion (this does not apply to users with an account role of Observer)

  • Tasks

    • Add, edit, and delete tasks - even those created by others

  • Group member updates

    • Add or remove users from the group (this does not remove the user from Boardable)

    • Ability to "uncheck" Group Admin status (this is only possible if the user is not the Group Owner and is not an Organization Admin)

      • unchecking the Group Admin status revokes all Group Admin privileges once the user logs out and back in again

V. Group Member Permissions

Group Members can perform the following from the Group Page for the specific group they are a member of:

  • View all activity

  • Meetings

    • Access agenda and minutes, but not edit them

    • Take personal notes on agenda items

  • Polls

    • Add / edit own polls

    • Participate in polls others created, but not edit them

  • Documents

    • Upload and download documents within that group, but unable to remove them

  • Discussions

    • Add / edit own discussions (only if account role is also Member)

  • View group's member list

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