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Learn how to present documents in Boardable Spotlight.

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Present Meeting Documents in Meeting

Only files uploaded from your computer, the Document Center, and Google Drive will be displayed in Present Mode in Boardable Meetings with Video. Files linked from OneDrive and Dropbox will open in a new tab during the virtual meeting.

Note: If your organization is on the Professional or Enterprise Plan, your guests can view meeting files presented during the meeting, but they will not have the ability to download files.

To present a document:

  1. Join the meeting

  2. Click on the document icon to view the meeting files

  3. Click on a document to view it in the meeting window - it will open over the meeting view

    1. To close the document, click on the X in the top right

  4. Once viewed, the following options are available:

    1. Zoom in / out

    2. Move doc around (if zoomed in) using the pan hand

    3. Move between pages if document has more than one

    4. Enter full screen mode

    5. Present to everyone

    6. Download the document

  5. Click Present to everyone

    1. The document will move into the presentation area so the Navigation Panel can still be viewed as well as the attendees

    2. The navigation panel can be minimized to increase screen area

  6. The Present to everyone button will change to You are presenting

    1. When finished presenting, click Stop

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