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What email address should users allow?
What email address should users allow?

Learn how to find and receive Boardable notifications; add the following addresses to your allowlist (aka unblock or safe senders list).

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I. Locating Boardable Emails in Spam Folders

Not receiving Boardable emails most often occurs due to a block occurring within the email account.

  1. Navigate to various folders in the email account to which the mail app may be routing messages, including junk, spam, other, or additional options based on the email provider

  2. Complete an email search containing the word 'Boardable,' adjusting settings so that emails marked as spam are included, as well as emails that have been deleted

II. Creating or Adding To an Allowlist

To ensure all messages are able to be received and not routed to a spam folder, Boardable sending addresses should be added to an allowlist, otherwise known as "unblock," or "safe senders list":

If needed as part of the allowlist, our IP address is:

The location of the settings to allow emails from specific senders will vary based on the email provider, and if they are not immediately apparent it may be possible to find instructions by searching online:

  1. Open an internet browser

  2. The following are suggested searches to type:

    1. How do I allow an email address in Gmail [replace Gmail with the name of your email app, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo, etc.]

    2. How do I unblock an email in Mac mail?

    3. Why am I not receiving emails from a particular sender?

    4. Do I have quarantined emails?

These types of searches will pull up links to articles specific to the mail apps you are using, such as:

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