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Having trouble joining a Boardable Spotlight meeting? Use our Diagnostic Tool to check your computer's settings and troubleshoot.

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Diagnostics Tool

The Diagnostics Tool can be used prior to or during a Boardable Spotlight meeting. As it runs, it scans the computer's video-related settings and provides actionable feedback to ensure the best virtual meeting experience.

Boardable's Diagnostics Tool checks the following:

  • Speaker

  • Microphone

  • Camera

  • Resolution

  • Network - UDP

    • User Datagram Protocol (UDP): communications protocol primarily used to establish low-latency and loss-tolerating connections between applications on the internet

  • Network - TCP

    • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): connection between client and server is established before data can be sent; server must be listening (passive open) in order to establish a connection for requests from client

  • Audio Connectivity

  • Video Connectivity

  • Content Share

The Diagnostics Tool can be run as may times as desired to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Note: The device / browser must allow access to the selected microphone and camera to perform these diagnostics. The Diagnostics Tool will show an alert as it runs if these are not enabled already.

To run diagnostics:

  1. Click here: Diagnostics Tool to open the tool in a new tab

  2. Choose the appropriate information for each box:

    1. Speaker

    2. Microphone

    3. Camera

    4. Media

    5. Region

  3. Click Check my device

  4. Click Play Tone to test the speaker

    1. A tone will play

  5. Click Yes or No to respond to whether the tone is heard

  6. The tool will continue to run more tests until it gets to Content Share

    1. Click Start

  7. Select whether to share entire screen, choose a window, or choose a tab

    1. Click Share

  8. If all is successful, the following will display and the window can be closed

  9. If the test completes with any failures, investigate the areas that failed and run the test again. For instance, the following shows clear network issues. Check the network connectivity and Wi-Fi settings before running the test again.

    1. If Content Share is an issue and all others are successful, it may be an issue with choosing a window. Try choosing Entire Screen or a specific Tab instead.

Note: please refer to Related Articles and the most common problems for more information about enabling a camera and microphone

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