Boardable Spotlight Overview

Learn about Boardable's video conferencing and the features available during a meeting.

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I. Boardable Spotlight Information

Boardable Spotlight brings together all the necessary tools to meet virtually and in person, collaborate seamlessly, and document decisions so that less time is spent on meeting logistics and more on meeting goals.

Note: integrated video conference options are only available on Grassroots, Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise plans.

With intuitive tools and a one-screen experience, Boardable Spotlight provides features to create an efficient, effective, and collaborative environment.

  • Features

    • Built-in meeting agenda: the agenda is visible during meetings to help participants focus on meeting objectives without distractions

    • Take and publish minutes: the Meeting Collaborator can stay on the same meeting screen while taking minutes so that nothing is missed

    • View Meeting files: relevant meeting files are easily accessible from the video conference

    • Present Meeting files: present files during the meeting from one screen

    • View Attendees: view all people attending the meeting; Administrators can mute or turn off webcams for all or individuals

    • Chat: comment on activity during the meeting without interrupting, gather questions through chat, silently applaud an initiative, so many possibilities

    • Raise hand: let the speaker know you have something to say without interrupting them while they are speaking

    • Screen sharing: a user can share their screen and take over the main video with their presentation

    • Meeting Info: need to hop off the video conference and switch to phone - the meeting information is available on screen

    • Meeting recording: record the meeting and access the recordings later for reference

  • Value

    • Increases engagement and productivity

    • Eliminates the need for multiple business applications

    • Transparency

    • Saves time

Additional information:

  • 25 attendees can have their cameras (video) on at the same time, but up to 250 attendees can participate in a meeting

  • If an attendee is experiencing a poor internet connection during a meeting, other participants' videos will automatically turn off for that specific attendee to conserve bandwidth (audio will not be automatically disabled)

  • Boardable Spotlight does not yet support:

    • Closed captioning

    • Mobile access

    • International Dial-in capabilities

II. In Meeting Options

i. Left Navigation Panel

The tabs in the left navigation panel in Spotlight show the following options:




Meeting Agenda

Displays the meeting agenda


Allows Organization Admins, Meeting Owner, or Collaborators to take minutes during meeting

Meeting Files

(refer to Related Articles for more information about presenting files)

Displays files attached to the meeting


Allows attendees to virtually chat during the meeting


Displays the people in the meeting


Provides access to meeting recordings if applicable


Takes the user back to the meeting page


Link to a troubleshooting help article with access to Support chat

ii. Top Menu Bar

The buttons on the top menu bar in Spotlight show the following options:




Attendee Number

Displays number in meeting and is a shortcut to Attendees in the Navigation Panel

Meeting Info

Displays the meeting's name, info, link, owner, and dial-in information

Record or Stop

Toggles between Record button or Stop button (start or stop recording)

iii. Bottom Menu Bar

The buttons on the bottom menu bar in Spotlight show the following options:




Microphone / Audio

Toggle between unmute and mute the microphone /audio (click the arrow to change microphone settings)

Video / Webcam

Toggle between allow video or block video - click the arrow to change video source

Grid View / Speaker View

Toggle back and forth between Grid View and Speaker View

Raise / Lower Hand

Virtually raise your hand or lower hand

Share / Stop Sharing Screen

Share your screen or stop sharing (only one person can share at a time)


Leave the meeting

iv. Full Screen Options

The option to view full screen will appear in the video panel below the presentation when someone is presenting. Click Full Screen to have the presentation fill the screen (the left navigation panel will no longer be visible).

While in full screen mode, three options are available:

  1. Microphone icon to toggle mute or unmute

  2. Video icon to toggle between allow or block video

  3. Exit Full Screen icon to leave full screen mode (upper right)

v. Leaving the Meeting

There is an additional option as an Organization Admin, Meeting Owner, or Collaborator to end the meeting for all attending.

  1. Click the arrow next to Leave to view the options

  2. Click End Meeting For All to close out the meeting for everyone

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