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Meetings with Boardable Spotlight!
Learn More / Troubleshoot Spotlight
Learn More / Troubleshoot Spotlight

Learn more about possible difficulties, what Spotlight has to offer, and how to troubleshoot when in a meeting.

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Below, please find a list commonly reported difficulties with Spotlight and how to fix them.

I. Voice Sounds Robotic When Using Airpods

If you find that your voice sounds robotic while using Airpods, this likely means Voice Focus is enabled. This can interfere with audio input.

To fix this, disable voice focus.

II. Unable to Access Camera and Microphone

If you're not able to turn on your camera or microphone during a call, please take the steps below to ensure your device and browser are set to allow Boardable access to these features.

III. Echoing

If your voice echos during a Spotlight meeting, please try the steps below to fix it:

  1. Try using a high-quality headset or disable audio on all computers in the room but one when conferencing in close proximity to other participants

  2. Check the connection of camera (if using an external one)

  3. Change browsers (i.e. if using Safari, leave the meeting and try joining from Chrome)

IV. Video or Audio Delay / Lag

This is often caused by low bandwidth. Please test your bandwidth to ensure it can meet the Spotlight requirements listed below:

  • Call with two participants

    • 650 kbps

  • HD mode

    • 1400 kbps

  • Call with 3-4 participants:

    • 450 kbps

  • Call with 5 or more participants:

    • 184 kbps

  • Presenting documents

    • 1200 kbps

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