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Add / Invite Single User to Boardable
Add / Invite Single User to Boardable

Learn how to add new users to Boardable and send invitations.

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I Add Single User to Boardable

Only Organization Admins can add or edit users in Boardable.

To invite people to join Boardable and include them as users in the organization's account, fill out the Invite to Boardable form.

To invite a single person to Boardable:

  1. There are two ways to add users (access the Invite to Boardable form):

    1. Use the main menu panel

      1. Click Add Users in the main menu panel

    2. Use the People directory

      1. Click People in the main menu panel

      2. Click + Add Users at the top right side of the page

  2. Fill out the Invite to Boardable form

    1. Enter the user's email address (this is the email they will use for logging in to Boardable) beneath Add users

    2. Determine the user's Account Role (please refer to Related Articles for additional information regarding roles)

    3. Click the checkbox next to any group name, under Assign to Groups, the user should be a member of

    4. Click Add users

  3. The Send Invitations to new users? will pop-up

    1. Click Send Invitation Later to enter additional profile information (such as first and last name) prior to sending the invitation


    2. Change the Invitation Message as desired and click Send Invitation to send the email invitation immediately

    3. Important Note: once the user logs in for the first time, the user's name and email address can no longer be updated by an Organization Admin, only the user - if sending the invitation immediately, it would be a best practice to edit the user's profile information quickly

II Quick Edit for Name

The profile will need to be edited to add the first and last name of the individual.

Note: once the user has logged in for the first time, the Organization Admin will no longer be able to update Name and Email.

  1. Set the directory to Grid view

  2. Click Edit next to the user's name

    1. Or click on the user and then click Edit

  3. The user's profile page will be displayed

    1. By default, the Shared Information tab is selected

  4. Click Name and email

  5. Enter First Name and Last Name in the boxes provided

    1. Click Save

For details regarding editing additional information in the user's profile, please refer to Related Articles.

III Send Invitation

This section explains how to send invitations If the option to Send Invitation Later was clicked after filling out the Invite to Boardable form.

  1. Click Send in the top menu across from the title People

    1. It will note how many users have not been sent invitations

  2. The Send Invitation window will pop-up

    1. Update the message as desired

    2. Verify that the correct user is noted under Invitations will be sent to

    3. Click Send

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