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Zoom Integration — Troubleshooting
Zoom Integration — Troubleshooting

Learn how to see when there might be an issue with Zoom integration or Zoom's connection to a meeting, and how to fix it.

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
Updated over a week ago


I. Indications of a Problem

Note: Only fully published meetings are expected to have working Zoom links. This does not include meetings published via save-the-date. To find out if your meeting is fully published, navigate to the meeting page and look for a banner at the top of the page. Both of the banners below indicate that the meeting is not yet fully published.

If either of these banners is at the top of the meeting page, please fully publish the meeting in order to add a working Zoom link to it. To learn how to do this, please see Related Articles.

When any of the behaviors below are present, the integration between Zoom and Boardable is broken. Until this is fixed, there will be no working Zoom component for meeting participants to video-conference with. (To learn how to fix the problem, please refer to Resolve Integration Issues.)

  1. Email invite for fully published meeting does not display the Zoom link

    1. If the email does not display an actual Zoom link, the Zoom connection is broken

  2. Fully published meeting page shows a Reconnect button

  3. Fully published meeting page shows a Connect to Zoom button

  4. Fully published meeting page does not have a blue Join Web Conference button at the top of the page

  5. Zoom Integration in My Profile settings does not display an image or account information

II. Sharing a Zoom Account

The most common Zoom integration issue that is reported back to Boardable occurs when users are sharing a Zoom account.

If a Zoom account is integrated to one person's Boardable account in the organization, that person essentially has control of the Zoom account when creating Boardable meetings. If another person integrates the same Zoom account, they have now taken control of the Zoom account for Boardable meetings and the first user's connection is broken.

For the best experience of using Zoom with Boardable while sharing a Zoom account between multiple users, please add a Zoom link to the meeting without using the integration as described here.

III. Resolve Integration Issues

Only the meeting creator / owner can fix a broken integration

To view the meeting owner, navigate to the meeting page and look for the text [Meeting creator] invited you in the Meeting Details tab. The person listed in this line of text is the meeting creator / owner.

To learn how to change the meeting owner, please see Related Articles.

Please take the following steps to fix a Zoom integration.

  1. Check the meeting page for a Connect or Reconnect to Zoom button.

    1. To navigate to the meeting page, click Meetings on Boardable's main menu panel, then click the title of the meeting

    2. If this button does appear at the top of the meeting page, continue to step 2

    3. If this button does not appear at the top of the meeting page, skip to step 4

  2. Click Connect or Reconnect to Zoom

    1. A new tab may open containing a Zoom login prompt; in this case, continue to step 3

    2. If no Zoom login prompt appears, skip to step 4

  3. Log in with the Zoom username and password; the image below appears, indicating that the login is successful; congratulations, the meeting now has a working Zoom component! Skip steps 4-20.

  4. Click the grey silhouette or profile picture at the top right side of the screen; options drop down

  5. Click User settings from these options

  6. Click Integrations

  7. Click Disconnect

  8. Click Remove Zoom Account

  9. Click Integrations again

  10. Click Connect Zoom

    1. A new tab or window opens for the Zoom login prompt

  11. Log in with the username and password of the Zoom account in this new tab or window

  12. Once successfully logged in, the following will appear

  13. Return to the tab or window with Boardable open

  14. Click Meetings on Boardable's main menu panel

  15. Click the title of the meeting whose zoom component is broken, opening its meeting page

  16. Click Edit meeting info

  17. Without changing anything, click Continue

  18. Without changing anything, click Save; the Re-send meeting invite modal pops up

  19. Choose which users, if any, should receive update notifications

    1. Only notified users will see the correct Zoom link in their calendar links

  20. Click Send

    Congratulations, the meeting now has a working Zoom component!

Once a meeting's Zoom component is fixed, a blue Join web conference button is visible on the meeting page. Participants can click this button to join the meeting.

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