Add / Remove Users from Groups

Learn how to add and remove users from a group (update group members).

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Add / Remove Users from Groups

People included in a group are assigned when the group is first created, but members can be added and removed at any time. Only the Group Owner and Group Admins can update members of a group.

To update members of a group:

  1. Click Groups in the main main navigation menu on the left

  2. Find the group to be updated and click on the group's name to open the Group Page

  3. Click Members in the top navigation menu

  4. Click Update Members

  5. Make desired changes

    1. To add users:

      1. click into the text box labeled Type a person's name

      2. Type the name of a user

      3. Click their name in the menu this drops down

    2. To remove users:

      1. Click the X to the right of the unwanted user's name

  6. Click Save

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