Update Account Role

Learn how to update a user's role within the organization.

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I. Introduction

Account Roles are assigned by the Organization Admin when the user is created, and only an Organization Admin can change a user's Account Role.

To learn how to add a user, please see Related Articles.

Changes to account role can only be made for one person at a time. Multiple peoples' account roles cannot be changed simultaneously.

To learn the permissions which go with each account role, please see Related Articles.

II. How to Update Account Role

For an Organization Admin to change a user's Account Role:

  1. Click People in the left main navigation menu

  2. From Grid view, click Edit icon next to the desired user's name

    1. From List view:

      1. Click the desired user's name; user's People page opens

      2. Click Edit

  3. Click Account Role from the tab options in the left navigation panel

  4. Click the desired role from Member, Observer, or Administrator

  5. Click Save

  6. A green checkmark will appear in the upper right corner of the screen to show that the update was made successfully

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