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Publish Meeting Minutes

Learn how to publish meeting Minutes

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
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I. Publish from Meeting Page

Note: once meetings are published, they cannot be unpublished.

To publish the meeting minutes starting from the meeting page:

  1. Navigate to the meeting page

  2. Click Minutes

  3. If Minutes have note been started yet an option will populate with option on how to start, either from scratch or from an already made agenda

  4. From the Minutes page click Publish Minutes

    1. The Publish Minutes button is available before or during editing

  5. Once clicked, a pop-up with an option to notify attendees will appear

    1. Click the box if attendees should be sent a notification with a link to the minutes

    2. Click Publish

  6. The meeting minutes are published

    1. The minutes can still be edited at any time

II. Edit Published Minutes

Minutes can be further edited once published. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the desired meeting page

    1. To learn how to do this, please see Related Articles

  2. Click Edit Minutes

  3. Click Edit Minutes again

    1. Minutes editor opens

  4. Make desired changes to Minutes; these changes are auto-saved

Please know that in order for the PDF loaded by the device to display these edits, it may be necessary to clear the browser's cache. For more on this, please see Related Articles.

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