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Add Watermark to Signed Documents

Learn how to add watermarks to documents that have been signed in Boardable.

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
Updated over a week ago

Add Watermark

Note: watermarks can only be added to printed copy of signed documents

To add a watermark to the printed document, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Boardable

  2. Select Documents from the main menu panel

  3. Click on the Completed tab to view a list of signed documents

  4. Click on the desired document title

  5. Click Print

    1. Pages to print menu appears

  6. Select the appropriate options, then click the Add Watermark button

  7. Choose the appropriate settings for the watermark

    1. Desired location (choose from the drop-down menu)

    2. Text (type any text you want displayed as the watermark

    3. Font

    4. Size

    5. Opacity (this will determine how light or dark the watermark will be)

    6. Style

    7. Click OK

  8. The previous window will be displayed again, click the blue Print button

  9. A preview print window will open showing the watermark, select the appropriate printer and click Print

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