Meeting Link: Open in Browser or Desktop App

Open your Boardable meeting link in your current browser or Boardable's Desktop App.

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This article covers how to open your Boardable meeting in a browser or Boardable's Desktop App from an email link.

Click the link to the meeting:

Choose to open the meeting in our Desktop App or your current browser:

Open Meeting in Current Browser

  • To launch your meeting in your current browser, click Cancel on your pop-up and select Launch in Browser.

Open Meeting in Boardable's Desktop App

  • If you have not downloaded the Boardable Desktop App yet, clicking Continue with Boardable App will initiate the download for you.

  • If you already have downloaded the Boardable Desktop App, click Open Boardable on your pop-up

After you've chosen either option, your device will remember your preference going forward. You can adjust this at any time by selecting another option.

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