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Discover how Settings gives you access to Default features for: timezone, agenda list styles, agenda templates, and delete agenda template.

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I. Organization Settings

Administrators have the ability to update settings for the entire organization.

  1. Click Settings from the main menu

  2. The Organization Settings page displays the following tabs at the top:

      1. Selected by default (as shown by the line below it)

      2. Includes details such as organization name, timezone, and logo

      1. Enter a message to be viewed on everyone's Home page within Boardable

      1. Set style and create agenda templates for the organization to use

      1. Set 2FA requirements for the organizaiton

II. Settings

The Settings tab provides access to update the following:

  • Organization Name

    • Changing the name of the organization will change the url for you account

  • Email "from" name

    • Emails sent from Boardable will show this name as the Sender

  • Default Timezone for New Users

    • New Users added will be set in this timezone by default

    • NOTE: Please see the important note below regarding user timezones

  • Logo

    • Change / remove logo

To update settings data:

  1. Click Settings on the Organization Settings page

    1. Organization Name: enter the organization name as it should appear in the url and on documentation

    2. Email "from" name: enter the name that will be displayed as “Sender” for all emails (invites, notifications, etc.) sent through Boardable

    3. Default timezone for New Users: select the timezone that will be designated as the default timezone for the entire organization

    4. Logo: add, change, or remove the logo

      1. If no logo currently exists, click Choose and navigate to the desired logo file

      2. If a logo is currently selected, click Change to navigate and select another logo file or click Remove to delete the logo from the system

  2. Click Save once all changes are made

Important notes regarding Timezones:

  • All meetings, polls and discussions will be set to the timezone selected for the organization. This feature will be for New Users added to the account.

  • If there is an issue with a timezone, check these 2 places:

    • Settings from the main menu (Organization Settings as explained in this article)

    • User Settings accessed from the profile panel (please refer to Related Articles for detailed information on user settings)

III. Dashboard Message

The Dashboard Message can be used as a standard welcome on the home page and it can also be used to highlight new information or upcoming milestones. Use it in a way that works best for your organization!

To change the Home page message:

  1. Click Dashboard Message

    1. Enter the message in the text box provided; feel inspired to utilize any of the tool formatting options provided (bold, italic, bullets, numbers, add link, remove link, remove Italics, paragraph header size options)

  2. Click Save when satisfied with the message

IV. Agenda Settings & Templates

In order to create a consistent style throughout the organization, Boardable offers the ability to choose the Default Agenda List Style as well as create agenda templates for various subject matters.

To set agenda settings and create templates:

  1. Click Agenda Settings & Templates

  2. Click on the default style desired

    1. The option selected is automatically saved

  3. To create an agenda template, click + Add Agenda Template

    1. For more details, please refer to Related Articles regarding agenda templates

  4. To edit or delete an agenda template, click on the agenda name listed under Agenda Templates

    1. For more details, please refer to Related Articles regarding agenda templates

V. Two-factor Auth

Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be enforced organization-wide. Although users can choose 2FA through User Settings, the Administrator can also require that all users enable 2FA.

To enable or disable global 2FA:

  1. Click Two-factor Auth

  2. Click Enable or Disable as appropriate

    1. Please refer to Related Articles for more detailed information regarding two-factor authentication globally and for users

VI. Transcription & AI

Organization admins can opt to generate transcripts and summaries for Boardable Video conferencing sessions via AI.

Use of these features is completely optional. By default, these features are disabled. To use them, turn them on within organization settings:

  1. Click Settings on the leftmost menu

    1. Organization settings open

  2. Click the Transcription & AI tab from the center of the screen

  3. Click the toggle beneath Transcription and / or AI settings to turn either or both options on

For more information, please see Related Articles.

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