Start a Discussion

Learn about discussions, how to add a discussion, and how to choose who should be involved in the discussion.

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Start a Discussion

Only the following users can start a discussion:

  • Account Role of Administrator

  • Account Role of Member

To start a Discussion:

  1. Discussions can be started from two places on the Boardable platform

    1. Click Discussions from the main menu panel

      1. Click + New Discussion

        1. No groups or users will be pre-selected


    2. Navigate to the group through Groups from the main menu panel

      1. Click Discussions in the top navigation menu

      2. Click + New Discussion in the upper right

        1. The group where the discussion is started will automatically be selected

  2. Fill out the New Discussion form

    1. Title - this will be considered the name of the discussion, so try to make it short and descriptive

    2. Description - this provides details to the user regarding the intent or use of the full discussion

      1. Use the formatting options to create lists, add links, emojis, and add files

  3. Click Next

    1. Assign to users and groups - click in the box to view a drop down, and select any groups or users that should be part of the discussion - please refer to the Assign to Users and Groups section for more details

    2. Click Save

II. Assign to Users and Groups

To assign users and groups to a discussion:

  1. Click inside the Assign to users and groups box to reveal the drop-down list

    1. Groups are listed first, then individual users

  2. To add a group and all its members:

    1. Click the group name on the list; the group name will be displayed below the Assign to users and groups box in the Groups section

    2. All individual members of the selected group will also appear below the Groups section in the People section

  3. To add an individual:

    1. Click in the box again to display the list

    2. Scroll down to individual user's name; click on the name to add it

    3. The user is added in alphabetical order by last name

  4. To remove a groups and individuals:

    1. Click the x next to the group name to remove a group and all of its members; click the x next to an individual's name to remove an individual

The final list will show selected groups under the Groups section, and individual users under the People section:

  • The groups will display in alphabetical order; the individual users will display in alphabetical order by last name

  • The number of groups and individual users in the discussion is indicated by a number in parentheses next to the Groups and People section headers

Discussion Privacy: if the discussion is within a group - but some members of the group should not be included in the discussion - do the following:

  • Select the group, then delete just the individuals listed in People section that should not be a part of the discussion (this keeps the discussion on the group page, but only those invited can see it)


  • Select each individual one at a time without selecting a group (this discussion will only be available through the Discussions page accessed from the main menu panel)

III. Add a User Quickly

The @ symbol can be used to add people to a discussion quickly. To perform a quick add:

  1. When adding a new message in the discussion, type @ and part of the user's name in the message box

    1. Their full name will come up as an option to select, press return/enter on the keyboard to accept

  2. Their name is now added to the message

  3. Type the rest of the message and click Send

  4. The person is now added to the discussion (refresh may be necessary to see the updated number at the top)

Note: if the user is already part of the discussion, this is also a handy way to tag the user for specific notification

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