How do I create a Hyperlink?

earn how to create hyperlinks in discussion threads, comments, and meeting descriptions.

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Users can create hyperlinks in discussion threads, comments, and meeting descriptions. They are helpful for sharing websites without cluttering your text with a long, messy link.

Note: In this example, we are adding a link to a comment on a meeting. The same steps can be followed wherever a hyperlink can be inserted.

  1. Navigate to the discussion thread, meeting description, comment, or other location the hyperlink is intended to be inserted

  2. Type the text for the hyperlink; in this case the text where the hyperlink is to be inserted reads "St. Elmo's Steakhouse"

  3. Highlight the text meant to be linked and click the chain icon (hyperlink) in the formatting menu at the top of the comment box

  4. In the Insert/Edit Link window type the desired hyperlink URL destination into the URL field. The Text to display field will be pre-populated with the highlighted text

  5. The Title field may be left blank

  6. Under Open link in... click the drop-down menu to select whether the hyperlink will open the current browser window or in a new window. Note: opening a link in a new window is recommended

  7. Click Save

  8. Observe the hyperlink in the comment (or in another chosen location), it will appear as blue text, and anyone who clicks on the linked text will be taken to the URL indicated earlier

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