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Updates have been made to the Settings option giving administrators the ability to update settings for their entire organization. The organization settings update includes a new layout, default timezone, default agenda list styles and creating agenda templates without a required meeting.

Organization Settings 

To access Organization Settings, select Settings from the left navigation menu.

This will navigate you to the Organization Settings where you can view a list of options to select from such as the Dashboard, Organization Info, User Settings, Content Settings and Agenda Templates. 

User Settings

As an administrator, you can set a default timezone for the entire organization. All meetings, polls and discussions will be set to the timezone you have selected for your organization. Users still have the option to select their own timezone in their profile settings. 

Content Settings

Administrators can set default agenda list styles based on your organization’s preference.

Agenda Templates (no meeting required)

As an administrator, you can now build an agenda and save it as a template with no meeting required.

To add a new agenda template, select Agenda Templates.

Select + Add Agenda Template on the right side of your screen.

Fill in the agenda template fields:

  • Name

  • List Style

After you have added all of the necessary information, select Save and Continue.

After you have named your agenda template and selected a list style, you can build your template from scratch and add agenda items. 

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