Overview of Subscription Dashboard

Learn about the Subscription Dashboard and why it is a valuable tool for understanding subscription plans and account information.

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I. Overview of Subscription Dashboard

The Subscription Dashboard is a convenient way for Administrators to manage the organization's Boardable account. It provides the ability to view the current plan, change plans, review invoices, edit payments, and more. Only Administrators and the organization's Account Owner can view the Subscription Dashboard. Some of the advantages of utilizing this page:

  • Clear and accurate view of Boardable account

  • Easily upgrade current plan

  • Easily change plan to add more users (not available for Grassroots)

  • Understand cost impact of changing plan or adding more users

  • View and download invoices

  • Manage account information (billing and shipping address, payment information, view billing history)

The Subscription Dashboard is broken out into 5 sections:

  1. Your plan: displays current subscription plan, the payment frequency, provides access to change the plan or cancel the plan

  2. User Limits: displays the current number of users being used as well as the number in the plan; provides the ability to add or remove users

  3. Payment Methods: displays payment method and account holder; provides access to update payment structure and other account information

  4. Upcoming Invoices: displays details of the upcoming invoice, due date, any discounts that would be applied, and the total amount due

  5. Invoices: displays list of past invoices, their status (paid and not paid), and the ability to download copies

For additional information, please refer to Related Articles to learn more about these areas.

II. View Subscription Dashboard

Only Administrators can view the Subscription Dashboard. To access the page, click Subscription in the main menu panel.

Note: if currently in a free trial, the Subscription Dashboard will not be displayed, instead a Subscription Page will appear. For additional information, please refer to Related Articles to learn more about the Subscription Page, changing plans or adding users.

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