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We've enhanced the layout and added new upgrades to Discussions that include:

  • Tagging capabilities to notify individuals

  • Search and filtering options to quickly find specific conversations

  • The ability to archive or close old discussions

  • Unread message notifications

  • New discussions automatically displayed at the top of the list

  • Reporting and exporting capabilities

Tagging Capabilities

You can tag specific individuals in discussion threads and notify them instantly.

They will receive an email notification with details about the comment they were mentioned in.

Search and Filtering Options

Looking for a specific conversation? You can search discussions, apply filters or search by group to quickly find what you need.

Discussions Control Panel

You can leave a discussion you no longer need to be a part of, add or remove individuals from discussions, and more.

Close or Archive Discussions

You will now have the ability to close discussions that are no longer active or archive them for historical record keeping.

Reporting and Exporting Discussions

Generate a Discussions List report to view or export information containing the discussion titles, the number of individuals participating in each discussion, any groups associated and more. You can also view and export the comments for specific discussions.

*Available to subscribers on the Essentials and Professional plan.

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