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Learn how to fix common difficulties with Minutes, including PDFs not showing edits

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I. PDF Doesn't Show Edits

If the Minutes are edited, and the PDF does not display these edits, the cause is that the browser has cached an outdated view of the PDF.

To fix this, and view the most recent version of the PDF, clear the browser's cache.

To do so for Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click More (⋮)

  3. Click Clear browsing data.

  4. Select a time range; we recommend All Time

  5. Click Clear data.

  6. Revisit the desired Minutes and click View as PDF

    1. New copy of PDF opens displaying desired edits

II. 500 Error on Opening PDF

If a 500 error message appears when trying to open a Minutes PDF, the cause is likely unsupported formatting in the Minutes.

Minutes support 3 levels of nesting. When a Minutes item is nested to the fourth level or deeper, this causes an error message like the one described. An example of unsupported formatting is:

  • First level

    • Second level

      • Third level

        • Fourth level; indentation to this level is not supported, and can cause the Minutes PDF to break

To fix this:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Minutes view

  2. Search the Minutes for any entry nested to four levels or deeper

  3. Move this out of the fourth level—either:

    1. Move the entry to the third level or higher:

      1. Click the six dots to the entry's left

      2. Click the button until the entry is indented three times or fewer or

    2. Delete the entry:

      1. Click the six dots to the entry's left

      2. Click the X button

  4. Click View as PDF

    1. PDF opens with no error message

III. PDF Doesn't Show Attendance / Logo

The following details are not included by default on the Minutes PDF:

  • Attendance

  • Organization logo, if uploaded in Organization info within Settings

  • Organization title

  • Meeting title

  • Date and time of the meeting

To add attendance, add an attendance entry to the Minutes:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Minutes view

  2. Click + to drop down entry types

  3. Click Attendance from drop down

  4. Use automatic attendance selections carried over from meeting page, or set manually:

    1. Click the drop-down next to each invitee's name

    2. Click the desired attendance option, from:

      1. Present

      2. Present (Remote)

      3. Not present

  5. Type any desired notes beneath each attendee's name

  6. Click View as PDF

    1. PDF including attendance opens

      1. Attendance divided in to two sections: Members and Guests

      2. Each section organized by following sub-sections: Present, Absent, Remote, and Notes

      3. If no guests invited, guest section does not appear

      4. If any subsection has no invitees with the matching attendance status, this subsection does not appear

To add the logo, the organization title, the meeting title, and the meeting time:

  1. Navigate to Edit Minutes view

  2. Click + to drop down entry types

  3. Click Meeting Info from drop-down

  4. This adds the following:

    • Organization logo, if uploaded in Organization info within Settings.

    • Name of the organization as a large header

    • Title of the meeting as a smaller header

    • Date and time of the meeting in plain text

  5. Click View as PDF

    1. PDF including Meeting Info opens

IV. PDF Doesn't Show Images

Images are not supported by Minutes PDFs.

To provide meeting invitees with an image, attach it to the agenda or upload it to the meeting's documents. Please see Related Articles to learn how to do this.

V. New Agenda Items not Added to Minutes

Minutes started from an agenda and the agenda used to start them are not continuously synchronized. Text added to the agenda after the Minutes are started is not automatically added to the Minutes.

There are two ways to add new agenda content to Minutes after the Minutes are started.

The first option is to delete the Minutes, and re-start them from the same agenda. This is recommended if no notes on the meeting other than those contained by the outdated copy of the Agenda are yet added to the Minutes.

To use this strategy:

  1. Navigate to the Minutes

  2. Click Delete Minutes

  3. Click Delete; the screen redirects to the Meeting page

  4. Click Minutes at the top right side of the meeting page

  5. Click Start from Agenda

This starts a new copy of the Minutes based on the most up-to-date version of the agenda.

The other available approach is to copy the desired text from the agenda and paste it in to the Minutes. This is recommended if notes on the meeting other than those contained by the outdated copy of the Agenda are already added to the meeting.

For the best experience with this path, please paste each new agenda item into an Outline Entry. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Agenda

  2. Copy the new Agenda item

  3. Navigate to the Minutes

  4. Click the + button on the left side of the Edit Minutes window, dropping down entry options

  5. Click Outline Entry from these options

  6. Paste the text copied during step 2

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until all new Agenda items are copied

This adds the new item to the Minutes using the same visual formatting as the existing agenda items.

To learn how to edit this new entry, including its location, please see Related Articles.

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