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Overview of Discussions
Overview of Discussions

Learn the basics of having discussion in Boardable, along with sorting, filtering, and how to leave a discussion.

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I. Introduction to Discussions

Discussions are a great tool for board members who tend to be busy in other areas and may have difficulty coordinating schedules. Members can see and respond to a discussion at a convenient time. Discussions can be utilized to prep for meetings, organize ideas, expand knowledge, determine solutions, plan for the future, and so much more! A discussion may include a very small group, or a very large group, depending on the topic.

Organization Admins (Administrators) can only view discussions when they are included in the discussion. While in that discussion, they still have the typical administrator rights to edit, delete, close, or archive the discussion, even if they did not create it. However, with regards to messages, only the user who wrote the message can edit or delete it.

Discussions can be created from the Discussions page (click Discussions from the main menu panel) or from a group's page (select Discussions from the top navigation menu). Discussions can only be created by Organization Admins or Members. Observers can participate in discussions, but they cannot create a discussion. Anyone can click on the star on a discussion to mark it as a favorite for themselves; they can then view those discussions under the Starred discussion filter.

The menu that appears when the three dots at the top of a discussion are clicked will have different options depending on your role in the discussion, reflecting the different permissions available to each role.

II. Filtering Discussions

Discussions can be filtered in a couple of ways for ease of viewing pertinent discussions at different times. This can be done by utilizing the two filter options at the top of the Discussions page: Latest is the discussions filter; All Groups is the groups filter. If you are not a member of any groups, there will not be any options in the group filter.

To use the discussion filter:

  1. Click Latest to view the drop-down options

    1. Latest: view all discussions with the latest at the top

    2. Starred: view all starred discussions

    3. Unread: view only discussions with unread messages

    4. Mentions: view only the discussions where you were mentioned (using @ symbol with your name)

    5. Archived: view archived discussions

To filter discussions by group:

  1. Click All Groups to view the drop-down options

    1. Groups you are a member of will be listed as options; if you are not a member of a group, there will be no options

III. Search Discussions

The search box at the top of the Discussions page can be used to search for words within discussion messages as well as mentions (people noted using an @ symbol).

To search:

  1. Click into the search box

  2. Type the search term, phrase, or name, and then click the return button

  3. Click on a discussion that is displayed in the left discussions list

IV. Notifications

Notifications will automatically be sent through the Boardable app, and via email, to all users involved in the discussion. A person who is mentioned in a message (using the @ symbol) will get an additional email showing they were mentioned and by whom.

To avoid getting a lot of emails/notifications, notification options can be adjusted through User Settings. To adjust notifications:

  1. Click your photo or, if you have not uploaded a photo yet, the round icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen

  2. Click User Settings

  3. Click Settings in the top navigation menu, and scroll down to Notifications

    1. Make any changes and click Save

V. Available Options

There are several options available as a member of a discussion.

  • Leave Discussion: enables a member of the discussion to leave the discussion; the user will be prompted to confirm

  • Copy Link: copies a link to the discussion to the user's clipboard; allows user to provide a link to the discussion. If a person receives a link to a discussion they do not have access to, it will simply show 'no results'.

    • Provides ability to send a link to someone who may be having difficulty finding or navigating to the discussion

    • Provides ability to create a quick, easy reference to the discussion in an agenda or chat in Spotlight

  • Mark as Unread: allows the user to mark a discussion as unread in order to return to it later, or easily view it through the Unread discussion filter

    • Read

    • Unread

  • Print: allows the user to print the discussion currently selected

  • Edit Description: only available to the person who started the discussion or an Organization Admin that is part of the discussion

  • Close Discussion: only available to the person who started the discussion or an Organization Admin that is part of the discussion

  • Archive Discussion: only available to the person who started the discussion or an Organization Admin that is part of the discussion

  • Delete Discussion: only available to the person who started the discussion or an Organization Admin that is part of the discussion

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