Did you know that having a low internet connection can cause poor sound and video quality during virtual meetings? The new Spotlight Internet Connection Alerts detects issues with your internet connection and sends you an instant alert with tips on how to troubleshoot to help your meetings run more smoothly.

If you receive an alert, we recommend checking your internet connection with Spotlight Video Diagnostics and troubleshooting with your network provider.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is low and you are unable to join a meeting, an alert will appear at the top of your screen. Check your internet connection and try joining the meeting again.

Slow Network Detected

If you begin to experience frozen screens, distortion, delays in audio, you will receive the alert below due to a slow network connection.

Poor Network Conditions - Turn Off Your Video

If poor network conditions continue, an alert will appear with a recommendation to your off your video.

Improved Network Conditions - Turn On Your Video

You will receive an alert to turn your video back on once your network conditions have improved.

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