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Simplified meeting scheduling and calendar synching in Boardable.

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Scheduling a board meeting shouldn’t be rocket science. That's why Boardable seamlessly connects meetings with Outlook, Google, iCalendar, and Yahoo calendars so that everyone can stay informed and prepared for meetings.

Our calendar connection helps Admins and meeting organizers schedule meetings with ease. Invitees can sync meetings to their external personal or work calendar so they can RSVP, join meetings, and stay on top of their busy schedule. Meeting organizers can view RSVP responses in real time—right inside of Boardable.

What's changing in Boardable?

You no longer need to integrate your external calendar with Boardable because our calendar connection capabilities will do the job for you. In result, the Calendar Integration option will no longer be available.

Important Note: Users who currently have their calendars integrated with Google will not be impacted by this change. They can keep their calendars integrated however if they decide to disconnect the integration, they will not have the option to re-integrate and scheduled meetings will be removed from their calendar. The Admin or meeting organizer will have to resend the meeting invitation to that specific individual to ensure meetings are added to their calendars again.

Below are the three areas where the calendar integration option has been removed:

Profile Settings

The Calendar Integration option has been removed from the Profile Settings. Users will not have the option to integrate with Google Calendar or subscribe to iCalendar feeds.

Note: If your calendar is already integrated, you will continue to have access to this page.

You can access your profile settings by clicking on your profile image in the upper right corner and selecting My Profile from the dropdown menu.

If you are still integrated with Google, your screen will appear like the image below.

Boardable Calendar

The Integrate Calendar button is no longer available on the Calendar page.

You can locate this page by selecting Calendar in the left navigation panel.

The Meeting Page

The integrate your calendar option on the meeting page has been removed but users can still add individuals meetings to their calendar if they prefer.

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