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Meeting Recording is now available for Professional plan customers!

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Productive board meetings have a lasting impact!

Whether undertaking an important initiative, project, or mission, productive board meetings are what set the calibration. Meeting Recording allows you to keep a record of all the important actions that your board takes, which is always accessible, easy to share, and lightning-fast. Read more about Meeting Recording and other exciting updates below!

  • Increase accountability & effectiveness

  • Elevate record keeping

  • Quick processing times

  • Eliminate the need for multiple business applications

  • Support all stages of the meeting lifecycle

Meeting Recording Options

  • Name the recording

  • Set visibility

  • Send email notification

  • Copy to the Document Center

Left navigation

  • Review any of the recordings from the meeting

  • Make any title and visibility changes

Muting Attendees

As an Administrator or Collaborator of a meeting, you can now mute one or all attendees during Spotlight meetings to help minimize distractions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Meeting attendees can turn their microphone or camera on and off with keyboard shortcuts.

Mac: ⌘ (command) + Shift + m
Windows: CTRL + Shift + m

Mac: ⌘ (command) + Shift + c
Windows: CTRL + Shift + c

Please note: Meeting Recording is only available to Professional plan customers.

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