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Step-by-Step Guide to a Meeting Process
Step-by-Step Guide to a Meeting Process

This is a guide to help navigate creating, managing, and running a meeting in Boardable.

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
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I. Basic Steps of a Meeting

The following are steps provided to help ease the stress of creating and running a meeting. Each step has links to detailed help articles associated with that topic.

  1. Create a Meeting

    Note: Only Organization Admins or Members can create a meeting (Group Admins can also create a meeting within their group)

      1. Learn how Organization Admins, Members, and Group Admins can create a meeting for a single date

      1. Learn how to create a multi-day meeting in Boardable for retreats, conferences or any meeting that spans more than one day

      1. Learn how to create a recurring meeting in Boardable for quarterly meetings or any regularly scheduled meetings

      1. Create a meeting by sending out date and time options to the invited members, collect availability, and determine the best meeting option

    1. Video Options (part of the New Meeting Form) - quick jump to links:

      1. Boardable Video

          1. Easily add our Boardable Video feature to your remote meetings

      2. Zoom

          1. Learn how to integrate Zoom with your Boardable account so the Zoom link is available in the Boardable meeting invitation

          1. Learn how to create a meeting that includes the Zoom link in the Boardable invite, whether the Zoom account is integrated or not

      3. Other Links

  2. Publish Calendar Only

      1. Learn how (and what it means) to publish a meeting to the calendar only and learn how to fully publish any Boardable meeting

  3. Build Agenda

      1. Learn how to build an agenda from scratch or from a template, edit items, and move items around

      1. Learn how to add / upload a document to the meeting agenda

      1. Follow the steps below to insert a hyperlink into an Agenda

  4. Edit Meeting

      1. Learn how to edit meeting information for a single date or a multi-day meeting in Boardable

      1. Learn how to edit all dates. or a single date, within a recurring meeting series, and learn more about working with recurring meetings

      1. Learn who received invites, how to invite more people, or un-invite (remove / delete) individuals from a meeting in Boardable

      1. Learn how a Meeting Owner or Collaborator can view and update a user's meeting role

  5. Publish Full Meeting

      1. Learn how (and what it means) to publish a meeting to the calendar only and learn how to fully publish any Boardable meeting

  6. Navigate to Meeting Page

      1. Learn how to navigate to the Boardable meeting page in order to see the agenda, comments, tasks, polls, join the meeting, etc.

  7. Add Documents to Meeting Page

      1. Learn how to add documents to the meeting page from a variety of sources

  8. Send Messages

      1. Learn how Collaborators can send messages to resend invitation, request RSVP, send updates, or share relevant meeting information

  9. Update RSVP

      1. Learn how to update your own RSVP to a meeting in Boardable

      1. Learn how Collaborators can update the RSVP for individuals on the meeting page in Boardable

  10. Join Meeting

      1. Follow these steps to join a meeting using Boardable Video

      1. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting from Boardable

      1. Learn how to join Boardable Video meetings from a remote location by dialing in with your phone

      1. Learn about the guest experience for Boardable Video

  11. Take Attendance

      1. Learn how to record and edit detailed attendance, within free-form minutes, during the meeting and after

      1. Learn how to take attendance on the meeting page and what it is used for

  12. Take Minutes

      1. Learn how to create meeting minutes from the meeting page and from Boardable Video

      1. Learn how to edit meeting minutes along with some tips on moving sections, deleting sections, and formatting (i.e. indenting, page breaks)

      1. Learn about all of the options available through the plus icon within free-form meeting minutes

      1. Learn how to publish free-form minutes through the meeting page or through Boardable Video

II. Meeting Enhancements and Misc

This section covers additional topics that help enhance the meeting experience and communication of meeting members. Each topic has links to more detailed help articles - they are in alphabetical order.

  1. Board Packet

      1. Compile all meeting agenda files and documents into one printable PDF

      1. Learn troubleshooting tips when having difficulty creating the board packet

  2. Boardable Video Features (Video)

      1. Learn about Boardable's video conferencing and the features available during a meeting

      1. Learn how to chat in a meeting and review the chats later in Boardable Video

      1. Learn about keyboard shortcuts, muting available, using AirPods, and voice focus in Boardable Video meetings

      1. Learn how to present documents in Boardable Video

      1. Boardable Video allows users to record meetings, review past recordings, and send meeting recordings

      1. Learn how to screen share using Boardable Video

  3. Comments / Discussions

      1. Learn about comments on the meeting page and how to attach a document to a specific comment

      1. Learn about discussions, how to add a discussion, and how to choose who should be involved in the discussion

      1. Learn the basics of having discussion in Boardable, along with sorting, filtering, and how to leave a discussion

      1. Learn how to be a part of discussions as well as understand the permissions within a discussion

      1. Llearn how to add a message to a discussion, as well as edit and delete a message you created

      1. Learn about the formatting options available for a message, and how to use emojis in Boardable

      1. Learn who can edit a discussion, delete a discussion, or remove messages from a discussion

      1. Learn to close and / or archive discussions, as well as view, re-open, and unarchive in Boardable

  4. Polls

      1. Learn how to create, vote on, edit, & delete polls

  5. Public Page

      1. Customize public pages and share a meeting to be viewed without logging in

  6. Tasks

      1. Learn how to create a task

      1. Learn how to mark a task as complete or incomplete

      1. Multi-User Tasks : Group Owners and Group Admins can now assign tasks to groups and multiple groups

III. Delete Meeting

Sometimes meetings need to be canceled for a variety of reasons. These are links to help articles about deleting a meeting.

    1. Learn how to delete a meeting, including recurring meetings, in Boardable

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