Join Boardable Spotlight Meeting

Follow these steps to join a meeting using Boardable Spotlight.

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Join Meeting

Note: for the best user experience and to ensure proper screen sharing, it is highly recommended to use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

To join a Boardable Spotlight meeting:

  1. Log in to Boardable

  2. Navigate to the meeting page in one of the following ways

    1. Via Home

      1. Click Home from the main menu panel

      2. Upcoming meetings can be found under the heading “Meetings”

      3. Click the meeting name

    2. Via Meetings

      1. Click Meetings from the main menu panel

      2. Find the meeting on the list, confirming the list in the top right corner is set to "Published"

      3. Click the meeting name

    3. Via Groups (if applicable)

      1. Click My Groups from the main menu panel

      2. Click on the name of the group associated with the meeting

      3. Click on the meeting name under the Meetings section of the group page

  3. Click the Join Web Conference button - the Join Web Conference button will appear for any meeting that has a video conference option selected, whether it's Boardable Spotlight, Zoom, or another link

    Note: the Join Meeting button is not currently available in the mobile app (coming soon!) Please ask a Meeting Collaborator to send you the link.

  4. When prompted, select the appropriate region and click Start meeting and allow others to join or continue to Step 5

    1. The first Organization Admin or Meeting Owner / Collaborator to select a location from the dropdown selects the location for all users in the meeting

    2. Selecting the region closest to your meeting attendees will improve the meeting's experience

    3. From this window, the Meeting Owner can also:

      1. Copy the meeting link to provide to a user who is unsure how to find the meeting, or to a guest

      2. Easily provide the dial-in number and PIN to join the meeting for users unable to get to their computer

    4. Members will not be able to enter the meeting until the meeting has started; they will see The Meeting will start soon displayed until the meeting begins

      1. Organization Admin or Meeting Owner / Collaborator will need to click Start meeting and allow others to join button to start the meeting

  5. If prompted with a pop-up asking permission to use your camera and microphone, click Allow (this pops up at different times depending on the browser)

  6. Prior to joining the meeting, check and determine the following:

    1. Select audio (microphone source) preference

    2. Click the microphone icon to mute sound

    3. Click the box next to Limit background noise to enable noise suppression

    4. Select video (camera source) preference

    5. Click the video camera icon to block video

  7. Click Join Meeting

Note: If the desired camera and microphone options are not displayed in the dropdown, we recommend manually enabling the camera and microphone in the browser. Learn how to do it by following the link associated with the appropriate browser:

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